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B1 泛音板
B1 泛音板

•新–代泛音設計, 突破空間的跟限制, 可以掛牆或上架
•尺碼: 45(T)X480(W)x1000(D)
•重量 10kg

• 重量10kg

  • B1 Tilted
B2 Wave Breaker
B2 Wave Breaker
•修正線絛, 打散駐波, HIFI 必用產品, 令到音樂更完美
•避免吸收過多音玻, 引至弱音, 損失音樂細節
•尺碼: 225(T)X275(W)x325(D)
• 鈦色
    B3 擴散板
    B3 擴散板
    •擴散作用, 可以打散注波, 共鳴, 實木的幾何是經過多年的測試及計算
    •尺碼: 45(T)x450(W)x1000(H)

    •木種: 紅攑木或黑桃

    •重量: 12kg


    •座重量: 10kg

    • B3 on Stand
    • B3 on Stand Tilted
    • Walnut 黑桃
    • Beech 櫸木
    B4 Acoustic Absorber
    B4 Acoustic Absorber
    •Designed for low frequency control without the harshness of the conventional designs.
    •Can be wall-mounted or stand mounted
    •Dimension: 45(T)x450(W)x1000(H)
    •Weight 10kg
    • B4 on Stand
    • B4 on Stand Tilted
    • B4 掛條
    • B4掛牆
    • Walnut 黑桃
    • Beech 櫸木
    B5 吸音柱
    B5 吸音柱
    •This acoustic absorber cylinder is specially designed for multi-directional absorption particularly the low frequencies.
    •Dimension: diameter 250mmx1000mm (H)
    •Weight 8kg
      • 內有三種不同砂粒, 另有兩格可自行灌砂
      •尺碼: 50mmx100mmx250mm
      •木種: 黑桃或鈦色
        • Screw Thread for additional Particle infill
        • 使用說明
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