Our objective is to enable our supporters and music lovers to enjoy better music reproduction. To achieve this, we need to improve certain important parameters, such as transients, speed, bandwidth, energy transfer, colorations , linearity, phasing or in simple terms, to maximize the performance of their system. We have developed related technologies in order to achieve this target.
Magnetic grounding
Magnetic grounding, our proprietary design for the reduction of noises caused by radio frequency interference and electro-magnetic interference. Level one magnetic grounding consists an absorption shielding layer while for Level 2 or higher levels consists both absorption shielding layer and energy dissipation layer. The higher the level, the more complex are the absorption and dissipation layers.

Product Levels 及实验室测试报告
Speaker technology
We specialize in speaker cabinets and crossover design. We treat single driver cabinets as musical instruments and special attention is paid in every single details. For multiple-driver speakers, we minimize distortions caused in phase coherence and time alignment. All these cabinets employ sophisticated vibration couplings.
Patent Dual enclosure design
Room acoustic
forms an important integral part of your listening system. We design simple to use Aborption Type B2, B 4, B5 and Diffusion Type B3 and the very innovative Active Type B1. All the models employ Cavity Energy Transfer Control and we spend efforts to minimize the adverse effects outside their operating frequency band.
Test review B1~B4 (4285MB)
Vibration control
Mechanical grounding
Mechanical grounding is one of the most imporatnt aspects to be concerned in a system, both mechanical and electrical. But in audio field, it is not until late 90's the importance of mechanical grounding was recognized.

USA Mechanical Grounding Patent
Multilaminor Technology
Multilaminor Technology is selected wood strips laid inside each shelf under "Natural Coupling Ratio" (NCR) . NCR dilutes the resonance of the material , and wood and wood based strips effectively push the resonances beyond audio band, providing the most neutral supporting platform for equipments.

China Patent
Cavity Energy Transfer Control
We have discovered and patented that a cavity if properly employed not only reduces coloration, also improves the system resonance.

USA Cavity Vibration Control
Vibration coupling
Vibration feedbacks are one of the major causes of colourations. It disturbs the signal source and could even create multiple reflections. Various techniques are required to against or minimize the feedback problems, a proper coupling would ensure smooth energy transfer.
Product Levels
Cable Technology
Nano treatment
for radio frequency rejection, a layer of F280 grade nano coating is applied onto all the internal layers plus the addition of vibration breaker coating.

Differential Surfacing Treatment (DST)
All conductors used in our power and signal cables have treated with this proprietary micro surfacing treatment. This treatment greatly improves the directivity and conductivity of the conductor and minimizes the adverse effects of Eddy Currect and Skin Effect.

Wave Guide Technolgy (WGT)
Magnetic field will always be generated when an electric current travels through any form of conductor structure. This magnetic field introduces interference to the musical signal thereby reduces the cable's ability to carry the fine details (micro dynamics) originally embedded in the music. Sound Mechanics' Wave Guide Technology controls and guides the interfering magnetic field and improves the cable's performance in resolution and transient response over a wider bandwidth, There is no noticeable increase in audible signal distortion over cable lengths up to 20 metres.

Magnetic Grounding™
We have now introduced the Magnetic Grounding technique in all our cable designs to eliminate environmental RF/EMI.

Harmonic Plating™
Our Platinum series cable conductors are surface plated with a varying thickness of rhodium. This technique reduces surface transmission distortion, conductivity distortion, and phase shift. Harmonic Plating requires very sophisticated manufacturing process.

Uni-couple Ratio™
Uni-couple Ratio is the special combination of diameters in Sound Mechanics power cords. It provides extra smoothness and dynamic of music, particularly in the improvement of bandwidth.
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