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•美國專利 169104
• 簡單的直接導震, 方便使用
• 內置砂糟
頂板: 165(W)x240(D)mm
底板: 215(W)x280(D)mm
高度: 650mm
•Rmb1500.00 (黑栓)


  • Level 1 RF Shielding
  • USA Mechanical Grounding Patent
•代替 S5
•美國專利 169104
頂板: 190(W)x265(D)mm
底板: 240(W)x290(D)mm
高度: 610mm
•重量: 10kg
  • S6 Wave Reflector
  • Level 1 RF Shielding
  • USA Mechanical Grounding Patent


• 4 柱砂槽

• 可更換頂板

• 背柱 Q Tuner 可調校能量吸收
• 防滑處理
• 尺碼:
頂板: 32(T)x300(W)x290(D)mm
底板: 50(T)x320(W)x290(D)mm
高度: 460mm
• 訂做尺寸, 另加費用
• Rmb 2250

Q tuner for turning of speaker stand's resonance frequency.

  • Q Tuner
  • Level 1 RF Shielding
S100 CYS
S100 CYS

•可調高度脚架, 可調高度 460mm 至 700mm
• 可更換頂板

• 外置砂磚

• 尺碼:
頂板: 200(W)x200(D)mm
底板: 295(W)x295(D)mm
高度: 460 - 700 mm extended
• 重量: 13kg
• 木種: 黑栓木, 菲州酸枝
• Rmb2250 (黑栓)


  • Raised Height
  • Sand Box
  • Level 1 RF Shielding
  • Inter-Changeable Top Plate

•A height adjustable speaker stand.
•The simple easy to use height adjustable screw make level adjustment a matter of seconds are the solid wood pillar
•The top plate is designed with vibration feedback control.
•Magnetic grounding is incorporated. Static Discharge Control could be grounded or use with Sound Mechanics DC1 Dynamic Controller.
•Color Available: Black Ash
•Weight: 14kg
•Other wood species/color: Optional Extra
•Changeable top plate for speaker size adjustments
•Antiskidding coating: Standard
•US$540.00, UPS to USA US$220
RF Reduction Level 2

Top plate angle adjustments

Height Adjustablefrom 460-660mm

Simple to adjust height screw

External Sand Infill

Simple to adjust level spike

    • Level 2 RF Shielding
    • Minimum Height
    • Raised Height
    • Maximum Height
    • Sandbox
    • Continuous Height adjuster
    • Rear RF Connector
    • Angular Top Plate
    SX600 CS
    SX600 CS

    •Heavy duty speaker stand for speakers with 12"/15"/18" A heavy duty speaker stand with multiple side column help vibration feed to a minimum. Top plate is designed with vibration feedback control and static discharge control, easy to adjust spikes, rear sand column are standard.
    Top plate: 350(W)x480(D)x32mm
    Interchangeable top plate minimum dimension 228(W) x300(D)mm
    Base plate: 380(W)x500(D)mm
    Height: 380mm
    Interchangeable column and pillar minimum height 10"
    Custom made dimension: Optional Extra
    •Weight: 35kg
    •Finish available black ash. Other wood species, optional extra.
    •Heavy duty easy adjust spike
    •Changeable top plate and center pillar for dimension alterations
    •Height Adjustable: 50mm
    •Other wood species: Optional Extra
    •US$800.00, UPS to USA US$304

    RF Reduction Level 2

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